5 Reasons Multi-Screen Marketing Should be Your Priority

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Let’s ignore for the moment any sort of judgments about how many hours per day we spend in front of one screen or another. The fact is that more and more people are making their livings in front of screens, and many more enjoy immersing themselves in television programming and interactive electronic mediums.

With all of the screens in our lives, it goes without saying that there are significant marketing opportunities waiting to be leveraged. Smartphones are frequently the last thing we look at before we go to bed, and the first thing we see when we awaken in the morning. This can be everything from work content to emails, videos, social media, and more.

If you want the data to help persuade you, consider this study from IDG, which found that about half of all emails are now being viewed on mobile devices of one kind or another. This is just one example. There are a number of emerging trends in the world of marketing, and in the changing ways that consumers are interacting with the many devices in their lives.

How to Write AdWords Ads That Get Clicked On

horsecarriageWriting AdWords ads that get clicked on is the main force behind any advertising campaign. That heading, 70 characters of description and display URL are the difference between your target visitors finding your website and them finding the competition instead.

It’s therefore vital that you structure every ad correctly and make them interesting. Poorly structured or boring ads don’t work. Well structured and interesting ads do.

Writing AdWords Ads That Get Clicked On

When writing AdWords ads, pay special attention to these 7 top tips and you’ll be creating properly structured ads that get clicked on every time:

Customer Service is the new marketing

changeWhile your marketing team is responsible for attracting new customers, other areas of your business are responsible for keeping them, especially customer service. In fact, the explosion of social media has made customer service team even more essential to keeping buyers happy.

Common sense makes certain truths about customer service apparent:

  • A good experience can increase customer loyalty

  • A bad experience can drive a customer away

  • Faster responses are viewed more favorably

However, recent studies have shown just how significant these impacts can be. Plus, bad customer service experiences are shared 95% of the time, versus 87% of good customer experiences. This makes customer service as important to your brand reputation as marketing.

6 Vital Tips for Being Relevant to Your Target Group

If you haven’t already made a new year’s resolution, here’s an idea: Why not start putting into practice the best marketing ideas that can benefit your company, your search ranking and your reputation? It’s vital to refresh your ideas every few months so that you’re not trying to attract publicity and attention with stale, outdated approaches that only serve to date your company.

Whether you’re finding better ways to embrace mobile content or experimenting with ad retargeting, your company will prosper by adding in these best marketing practices for the coming year.

1. Embrace Retargeted Ads

This growing trend is a reminder of just how versatile online advertising can be. Retargeted ads identify people who have come to your web site before without taking any definitive action and give them a pitch tailored to second-, third- or even fourth-time visitors. For example, if you sell mosquito repellent, your ad might say, “Don’t get eaten alive this summer—remember this mosquito repellent you looked at last week?” or something along those lines.

Instagram or Vine? What works better

Simply put, Vine is the video version of a Tweet, allowing you to use short videos in conjunction with your Twitter account. The twist is that you’re limited to only six seconds, which is akin to the 140-character cap that Twitter allows for text posts.

So, instead of a photo (Instagram) or a short burst of text, Vine allows you to get your message across via video.

This unique social media opportunity should be taken advantage of for several reasons:

  1. It’s new — newer social media platforms present high-value real estate to businesses and websites.
  2. Social media integration — Vine fits in seamlessly with Twitter, giving you more dynamic opportunities with your tweets.
  3. Better than a photo — Videos are a more memorable and effective method of building your brand.

5 Common Mistakes in Promoting Your Organization

If you’ve been in business for a long time, you understand that the field is very different today from what it was just several years ago. Given the immense popularity of the Internet, modern campaigns have little in common with ones that were run in the past. Today, marketers’ target audience is likely to consist of tech-savvy, connected consumers, so campaigns done on TV and in magazine just aren’t as effective as they once were. Pay-per-click advertisements and business blogs have become popular and valuable in many target audiences.

Whether or not they’re comfortable with online marketing, businesses commonly make mistakes when developing campaigns for their products. Here are a few of the more common errors companies make when marketing.

Five Ways to Succeed at Marketing Automation

image: vladstudio.com

image: vladstudio.com

Many businesses are embracing the idea of marketing automation in hopes of gaining a larger customer base. In theory, marketing automation sounds like a great idea – personalize your pitch to your target audience in hopes of making a connection that leads to a sale. However, there are many things to consider when executing a successful plan. If you plan to invest in a marketing automation program, you need to understand what is successful and what is not in order to see your efforts pay off.

It helps to begin with a strong concept of what marketing automation is. Marketing automation is a combination of software and marketing tactics that deliver personalized content to clients in order to gain their business. Consider a company like Amazon, which emails clients lists of products they may be interested in after making a purchase on the site.

Amazon tailors its home page based on the buyer’s interests and sends out surveys after a sale is complete. Amazon has proven a success at marketing automation and is certainly a company to emulate. Here are five ways to implement a successful marketing automation program to watch your business succeed.